About us

Craft Offshore International Limited was incorporated in Nigeria under the Company and Allied Matters Decree of Nigeria to provide Procurement, Maritime & Logistics Services to the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. We are now introducing ISO 14000 requirement into all our processes.

Craft Offshore uses a flexible approach for building value to meet the diverse needs of each client. This approach provides a disciplined, client-focused framework that encourages and empowers management and employees to develop innovative solutions for complex challenges and to constantly improve their work environments and work processes. For example, through our knowledge management capability, Craft Offshore integrates and leverages the collective intellectual capital of our employees.

Our vast knowledge base, built on Craft Off shore’s personnel’s expertise, promotes collaboration and provides a systematic way to capture, share, and reuse the knowledge to provide cost-effective, intelligent solutions in a timely manner.

Craft Offshore’s strength lies in its:

  • -Dynamic management
  • -Technical competence and experience
  • -Indigenous manpower development
  • -Local and foreign financial support
  • -Excellent CASHES records
  • -Commitment to quality service delivered timely